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Is venus in libra right now

Sep 29, 2022 · While Venus is in Libra, we value the journey of being in relationships and we value being surrounded by pleasant, beautiful, and harmonious environments. However, during the upcoming weeks, we have to be wary of not mistaking a superficial, inauthentic sense of peace and harmony with a real one..

A scorching Sun-Uranus trine on August 20 raises the romance level, but its up to you to follow through. Your perception is good right now, which should help you make all the right choices. Venus drifts into extroverted Leo on August 25, helping you be aggressive in your romantic endeavors. Make sure you know where the line is so you dont cross it.

Venus in astrology symbolizes beauty, love, deep and warm relationships. It rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. It is the symbolic ruler of the second and seventh houses. Venus seeks. Venus is romantic, but it’s not sentimental. Venus flirts, but it’s not sexual. The Moon is sentimental and sexual, while Venus is seductive..

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Libra Venus natives are polite, sociable, friendly, and attractive to others. They constantly search for partnerships and crave intellectual stimulation. They may fall for people quickly, which may result in them being in partnerships with the wrong people. This sign may get worn out if they put too much effort into pleasing others and making ....

Venus in Libra is a placement that feel super natural. Libra is one of the rulers of Venus; both are about beauty, harmony, relationships, and all things aesthetically pleasing. Generally, Venus shows how we act when it comes to money, our style, how we enjoy ourselves, our values, and how we attract others and behave in relationships.

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